the other day

i took a blind man by the arm and led him through the subway station at rush hour without losing a beat, whispering everything to him that we approached.  my friend who was with me said it was my good deed for the day and i thought that was a silly thing to say.  who counts these things anymore?  i realized i finally have taught myself not to.  people who keep count are often the people who feel some sense of entitlement and easily feel short handed by others, by life.  i grew up with someone who did this.  it consumed her.  at some point i recognized this in her and from then on i didnt want anything remotely resembling a favor from her because i knew she would just file that away in some asinine list of debts with a value unknown to anyone but herself.  at that point, what good is that person?  even the good they may attempt to perform loses its meaning.  

so don’t keep count.  do good things because its your nature.   that way, you just keep doing them and don’t even realize it.  there’s never a tally.  there’s never anything owed to you.  you just live that way.  and you know what? randomly really great things happen to me.  its those times i think maybe i am doing something right.  

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